Hire a coach with driver in Florence

When you arrive in Florence in a large group you may have a need to hire a coach with driver in Florence. We propose a large selection of coaches for various occasions. Request a quote for rental of coach with driver in Florence or book online. We serve travel agencies, companies, associations and individuals.

Hire a coach with driver in Florence

AnyBus24.com proposes you to hire a coach with driver in Florence. We provide a nice selection of coaches in Florence, including normal and luxury coaches, with capacities ranging from 28 passenger seats to a big coach capable to accommodate 89 persons. We offer comfortable coaches of leading brands: Mercedes-Benz, Setra, Volvo, Neoplan and some others. All proposed coaches and drivers have due professional authorisations and insurance. Our driver can pick you up directly at the airport and ensure your travel needs during all your stay. For a smaller group you may also rent a minibus with driver in Florence.

You can hire a coach with driver in Florence in two ways: via requesting a quote and via online booking

Request a quote to hire a coach with driver in Florence

Starting with a request for quote is normally the best way to rent a coach with driver in Florence. In this way we will be able to look through our availabilities and propose you the best rate. To be able to quote we need the following information for each day: number of passengers, pick-up and drop-off locations, itinerary or required mileage, hours of service or, if you only need just transfers, pick-up time for each transfer. Once we know your travel programme we normally will be able to make you our price proposal within a few hours. As the number 24 in our name suggests we work almost round the clock.

Hire a coach with driver in Florence online

If you need just a one-way transfer or an hourly service not surpassing one day you can hire a coach directly online. Please note that online reservation for a coach and driver must be made at least 72 hours in advance. Each online reservation is currently also verified by our customer service.

Price of hiring a coach with driver in Florence

The pricing of a coach with driver in Florence takes into account fuel/ energy price, coach amortisation/ lease cost, maintenance and garage costs, driver remuneration, taxes and some other costs. Furthermore, the price can be impacted by other factors such as coach type, seasonality or big events. We have observed the following average price in the past 2-year rolling term:

Price of hire of a coach with driver in Florence
Description Average price of hiring a coach with driver in Florence for 8 hours with the included mileage of 80 kilometers
Price 658

This information may be of help for budget purposes but to know our precise quote adapted to your particular situation we encourage you to send us your travel programme in Florence for pricing and we will do our best to quickly come back to you with our personalised quote.

Note: The price published on is available OnlineOnly up to 2025-02-19 and depends on availability at the time of booking.

Why rent a bus in Florence with us?

By ordering a bus in Florence with us you benefit from the excellent relationships that our head company 1CARES.com has established over the years with a number of reliable carriers in Florence. We are basically the same team abiding by the same strict professional standards but with a particular focus on bus rental. We are fully dedicated to serve our customers whenever they need to hire a bus in Florence. We work responsibly and honestly and our clients trust us to carry out their most complex projects.

As one of our regular customers put it as the feedback after the service:

"... Once again your Company has shown great professionalism from start to finish. For my part as the organiser it is so reassuring to be able to start the process and know that once the timetable and finances have been completed, there is no further need to worry."

We cannot say better than this to describe the essence of our service. We make the service of the rental of bus in Florence look easy and straightforward so that our clients have nothing to worry about and can just fully focus on their core business.

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