Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Reservation Costs and Payments


1. How can I book a bus with driver in France?

Our website proposes you a convenient way of booking a bus or a minibus with driver in France. You can book via requesting a quote or via direct online reservation. Once we have the details of your programme, we will normally be able to send you our proposal within four hours (outside of night hours local time).

Note that if your travel programme exceeds one day or you require a specific vehicle then we recommend you to proceed via requesting a quote. In this way, you can describe in a free format both your programme and your specific requirements, if any. To do that simply choose the option "I want to specify my trip myself" in the selection box "Requested trip". You will then be able to specify your request manually. You can also send us your request through our contact form or by email to our address.


2. What buses can I book via your system in France?

We can propose you a full range of buses, minibuses and minivans of different sizes, capacities and classes. We have such a wide selection of buses because many carriers in France take part in our booking system. Note that you can book a vehicle with us only with driver.


3. Where can I book a bus with you?

We operate throughout France, Monaco and Luxembourg. In France we operate in Paris, Nice, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, throughout Côte d'Azur, Strasbourg, Toulouse and a number of other locations.

For a complete list of countries and cities where you can rent a bus or a minibus with driver please visit the website of our parent company


4. What information do I need to provide to book a bus?

For the reservation we require the following details:


5. What are your cancellation and no-show conditions?

You can consult our standard cancellation policy on our website in the terms and conditions. Our detailed proposal will always mention our conditions for cancellation and no-show applicable for your order. For buses and minibuses these quite often correspond to our standard cancellation conditions.


6. How will I find my driver?

Our driver and vehicle will wait for you with the nameplate bearing our logo (, as above) or with the nameplate of your choice. Also, closer to the pick-up date we will send you the contact details of your driver (name and mobile phone number) and/ or dispatcher so you could call them upon your arrival for the pick-up, when necessary.

In case your pick-up address is an airport, a train station or a port you can book the meet-and-greet service. Note that the purchase of the meet-and-greet service is not mandatory. On your arrival, you can simply call the driver on his mobile phone to communicate your exact location so he could come over with his vehicle to pick you up.


7. Do you provide meet-and-greet service?

Yes. During the booking simply indicate that you need this service. When you arrive in the airport, train station or port, your chauffeur will meet you in person at your exit in the arrivals hall of your flight at the airport or at the head of your train or at your exit from the ship respectively.

When you request this service the price of the service is included in our price offer. This service entitles you to additional 30 minutes of free waiting time.


8. Do you check flights and trains for arrival times?

Yes. We will verify the arrival time for your flight or train and, in case of delay, will adjust your pick-up time for the time of the delay.


9. How many passengers do you allow in your bus?

During the reservation simply indicate the number of the passengers and the class of a bus you require. Our proposal will automatically be for a bus capable to comfortably carry the necessary number of passengers. Note that quite often it may not be possible to modify your booking for a bigger bus, especially during hot season periods. Therefore, to avoid any inconvenience please think about this point carefully before making your reservation.


10. Do you have a black list of carriers that you recommend avoiding in France?

Yes, our parent company maintains that list. It is normally used for exclusive use of our partners. However, there are cases when it really makes sense to share this information publicly as there are some companies and individuals who are none other than crooks. In some cases, we may decide to publish this information on our website for the general public.

Fortunately, we do not have black-listed carriers in France currently (-:

However, we have recently singled out and exposed a scam based in Moldova and operating under fake identities and an empty shell entity.

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Costs and Payments

1. What costs are included in your price?

Our price proposal includes all costs of your travel programme known at the time of your booking including mileage, service hours and supplementary services (for example, meet-and-greet service) if any. Our price proposal details all necessary information concerning possible extra costs, if any. When your travel programme features hourly service it will mention our rates for extra hours and mileage. Note that your trip may involve extra costs not known at the time of reservation such as paid parking costs, extra mileage and hours, toll roads charge for supplementary itinerary as needed, etc.

All extra costs not included in our price proposal must be paid directly to the driver. Note that it is not often that a bus is equipped to accept a payment by card. Therefore, please make sure you have a sufficient amount of cash with you, especially when you expect you could require some extra service.


2. How do I pay for my booking?

We will request you to pay from 10% to 100% of the order price at reservation depending on our internal requirements and your situation. The payment at reservation is normally made by payment card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), by bank transfer or via PayPal account. The remaining balance, when applicable, is settled by bank transfer. In some cases a cash payment can be accepted, especially for booking a smaller vehicle such as a minivan. However, it is not in our normal payment conditions for a bus rental.

Note that our price proposal always contains the applicable payment conditions. If you need some special payment conditions please indicate this to our booking consultant. In all cases, we try to help as much as we can and quite often are able to propose an acceptable solution.


3. How secure is your online payment?

We stick to the best standards in terms of the security of online payments. That is why we work only with the world leaders in online payment processing such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. All our online payment transactions are processed by their systems. Thus, we provide you with the highest level of security these leaders of the online payments industry can offer.

What's more, we do not record or keep payment cards details in our system, thereby excluding even a theoretical possibility of a leak of your payment card details from our system.


4. How much do you charge for the waiting time?

To know the rate for an hour of waiting /service time please consult our price proposal.

Note that in case of a transfer there is a grace period during which your driver can wait for you without an additional charge. As a general rule, the grace period is 15 minutes for buses and minibuses and 10 minutes for a minivan. Beyond the grace period the waiting time charge applies for the entire waiting period.

When you book the meet-and-greet service you get additional free waiting time.


5. How can I get an invoice for my bus rental in France?

Just drop an email to our Customer Service providing your order number, name and email address and we will send you your invoice by email.